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Exhibition of a World Premiere

In January, Jeremiah conducted the WORLD PREMIERE of a fantastic work by Jerome Kurtenbach called "A.I.: All-Inclusive, Orga vs. Mecha." As a part of Chorosynthesis Singers' project Empowering Silenced Voices, we recorded the work for our upcoming CD release with Centaur Records, Inc. The first public hearing of this recording of anything from this CD will be presented next week as a part of the art exhibit at the Marquee Gallery in New London, Connecticut. The opening of the exhibit (when you can meet all the artists and enjoy some refreshments) will be Friday, April 14, 6-8 PM, and Jeremiah would love to see you there!

Circuits: Community exhibition exploring the intersection of body and technology
Marquee Gallery, New London, Connecticut
April 2017

Technology, the ever changing and morphing scientific frontier. A.I.: Orga vs. Mecha reflects the very current state of life with devices and clever virtual assistants. It delves into the reality that we are flesh and bone, but have electricity running through our every synapse. Our brains build and forge new territories on the technological front every day while we surf, swipe, and stare at one screen to the next. From a compositional stand point, this piece stands as a stark reminder of some of the off-kilter and disjointed parts of our integration into this brave new world--at times scary, mechanical, repetitive and sweet--all wrapped in one. This work embraces sonic colors and rhythms that overlap in a tapestry of sounds to emulate the ever present electrical current. At the end, however, it delves into how we must co-exist and welcome Orga into Mecha. 

In this piece, I take the opportunity to comment on the current state of our humanity. I think the very overt idea of welcoming that which is not ourselves into our everyday existence is echoed in the text and the music of the piece. Whether gay, straight, white, black, religious, atheist, organic or mechanical, we all must figure out some way to peacefully coexist and learn from all that is around us, even if we are watching a continual evolution of both the organic and mechanical worlds, together. My hope is this addresses a universal call for peaceful coexistence.

-Jerome Kurtenbach, 2016

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