Jeremiah Selvey

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What They See IS What They Hear: The Power of Visual Suggestion

For years we have heard "What they see is what you get" (based on the videos of the esteemed Rodney Eichenberger). What if I told you that MAY be true, but research is still inconclusive on that?

And what if I told you that the power of visual perception is so strong that it can guide your ears to hear something that might or might not be present?!?!? I call this the power of visual perception, and this concept is based on a continually growing and developing body of research that shows that visual elements dominate what we hear--even as conductors!!!

Don't believe it? Come see what science says. My research "What They See Is What They Hear: The Power of Visual Suggestion" asked 7 quantitative questions and explored the phenomenology of conductor and choir expressivity. This study will be presented at the Poster Session at the National American Choral Directors Association Conference in Minneapolis. The session will take place Thursday, March 9, 8-10 a.m. in the lobby area in front of Exhibit Hall A. After the Thursday morning presentations, the posters will remain up for viewing during the remainder of the Conference.

Too early you say? Yes, I know, BUT.....Thanks to Chorosynthesis Singers for sponsoring breakfast and coffee! Come see what I found and support the many others who have invested in choral music research. Together we will continue to move our field forward.

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