Jeremiah Selvey

Conductor, Teacher, Clinician, Singer, Composer, Researcher, Health & Wellness Consultant

Exhibition of a World Premiere

In January, Jeremiah conducted the WORLD PREMIERE of a fantastic work by Jerome Kurtenbach called "A.I.: All-Inclusive, Orga vs. Mecha." As a part of Chorosynthesis Singers' project Empowering Silenced Voices, we recorded the work for our upcoming CD release with Centaur Records, Inc. The first public hearing of this recording of anything from this CD will be presented next week as a part of the art exhibit at the Marquee Gallery in New London, Connecticut. The opening of the exhibit (when you can meet all the artists and enjoy some refreshments) will be Friday, April 14, 6-8 PM, and Jeremiah would love to see you there!

Circuits: Community exhibition exploring the intersection of body and technology
Marquee Gallery, New London, Connecticut
April 2017

Technology, the ever changing and morphing scientific frontier. A.I.: Orga vs. Mecha reflects the very current state of life with devices and clever virtual assistants. It delves into the reality that we are flesh and bone, but have electricity running through our every synapse. Our brains build and forge new territories on the technological front every day while we surf, swipe, and stare at one screen to the next. From a compositional stand point, this piece stands as a stark reminder of some of the off-kilter and disjointed parts of our integration into this brave new world--at times scary, mechanical, repetitive and sweet--all wrapped in one. This work embraces sonic colors and rhythms that overlap in a tapestry of sounds to emulate the ever present electrical current. At the end, however, it delves into how we must co-exist and welcome Orga into Mecha. 

In this piece, I take the opportunity to comment on the current state of our humanity. I think the very overt idea of welcoming that which is not ourselves into our everyday existence is echoed in the text and the music of the piece. Whether gay, straight, white, black, religious, atheist, organic or mechanical, we all must figure out some way to peacefully coexist and learn from all that is around us, even if we are watching a continual evolution of both the organic and mechanical worlds, together. My hope is this addresses a universal call for peaceful coexistence.

-Jerome Kurtenbach, 2016


Jeremiah has been named the 2016 Winner of The American Prize in Conducting, Professional Choir Division. Thank you to all of his colleagues who spur him on to excellence, to his past mentors who shepherded and challenged him to greater heights, to his friends and family who are a constant source of hope and inspiration, and to the amazing composers who feed his passion on a daily basis. When one of us wins, we all win!

To hire Jeremiah for a master class, an adjudication, a clinic, or a guest conducting gig, please contact him directly.

Singing Entrepreneurship in Our Colleges & Universities

Recently, Jeremiah presented his paper at the Northeast Conference of the College Music Society on how the industry's demands may influence our own performance and our curricula of singing as college professors. As an entrepreneur, Dr. Selvey constantly seeks to help his students to adequately prepare for a broad-based success in the music industry with a focus on being a professional singer. For more information or to hire Jeremiah for a masterclass, please contact him directly.

ACDA Research Presentation

Jeremiah's paper "What They See Is What They Hear: The Power of Visual Suggestion" has been accepted for publication as a poster at the 2017 American Choral Directors Association National Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The 4-5 minute presentation and follow-up conversations will take place Thursday, March 9, 8-10 a.m. in the lobby area in front of Exhibit Hall A.  After the Thursday morning presentations, the posters will remain up for viewing during the remainder of the Conference.

Kickstarter Fundraiser Coming Soon...

Chorosynthesis Singers will need your help in "Empowering Silenced Voices 2.0." On December 1, they will launch their month-long campaign to raise money for their tour throughout Washington state. The music they will be performing carries messages that allow people to consider the voices the majority might silence in one way or another, including:

  1. women,
  2. those who are displaced/deported,
  3. the environment,
  4. people deeply affected by war,
  5. unprotected children,
  6. LGBTQ people, AND MORE.

Chorosynthesis Singers, Semi-Finalist for The American Prize, Choral Ensemble, Professional Division

Congrats to Chorosynthesis Singers and their Artistic Directors Jeremiah Selvey & Wendy Moy for being selected as semi-finalists for The American Prize, Choral Ensemble (Professional Division). Founded in 2011, this ensemble prides itself on addressing issues of social consciousness, advocating for new music, and performing at the highest level of artistry.

For more information, check out "Empowering Silenced Voices" and "Empowering Silenced Voices 2.0" on our website. We have an exciting tour planned in January, and we hope to see you there!

Great Lakes Region of The College Music Society Accepted Jeremiah's Research

In April of 2017, Jeremiah will return to within only a 90-minute drive from Carbondale, where he previously served as Associate Director of Choral Activities at Southern Illinois University. He will spend time at Murray State University, presenting his research at The Great Lakes Regional Conference of The College Music Society. If you would like to have Jeremiah as an honor choir or guest conductor--or even to do a clinic with your secondary or post-secondary choir, please contact him, so he can arrange travel plans accordingly.

Paper Accepted by the Northeast Division of The College Music Society

Dr. Selvey has been invited to present his paper "Singing: Teaching, Performing, Networking, & Entrepreneurship" at the Northeast Regional Conference of the College Music Society in March 2017. The demands for balancing teaching, performing, and creating opportunities for singers is changing. This paper explores how to adapt curricula and business skills to meet the growing balance of these demands.

4th New Choral Music Reading Session

In March of 2015, as Co-Artistic Directors of Chorosynthesis Singers, Wendy Moy and I put together a Call for Scores for composers from all over the world to submit new works on issues of social justice. We realized that we wanted additional feedback from potential singers and we wanted to share this music more widely, so we put together a new kind of reading session. In that reading session, we would sing through the piece and then record feedback for the composers. We were able to send feedback to composers afterward, such that composers could get collaborative feedback--not only from a panel of advisors, but also from the singers themselves.

Fast forward to October 2, 2016, and we will be presenting our 4th New Choral Music Reading Session, sponsored in part by the University of Washington School of Music (still based on this Call for Scores). Not only will be reading through some new (mostly unpublished) scores and processing the music from the choir's point of view, but we will also be talking with some of the composers. People who attend will automatically be connected to a network of people who:

  1. love new music,
  2. seek socially conscious repertoire,
  3. enjoy getting into the score, and
  4. engage with living composers.

We love these composers and the work that they are doing, and we would love your help in championing the art. And who knows? You just might find that perfect piece or resonate with a composer that you want to commission soon! For more information and to register for a packet, visit the web page.

Secret Judges & Milestones

On July 3, I conducted CHARIS, the St. Louis Women's Chorus--a non-auditioned choir--in a beautiful performance at the International Gay and Lesbian Association (GALA) of Choruses Festival in Ellie Caulkins Opera House in Denver, Colorado. Our performance highlighted two pieces by St. Louis songwriter Melinda Ohlemiller (arranged by yours truly), a Holly Near song (also arranged by yours truly), and Chapo Pou Fanm by Sydney Guillaume (among other selections). In true GALA Choruses spirit, we received a standing ovation, but in our case, this standing ovation happened upon the cutoff of EVERY single piece we performed (not just the customary standing ovation at the end of the set)! We sang to a packed house, and in that moment, the women realized how worth the effort was to prepare for that moment! This experience is a big highlight in my life, and I will treasure it forever.

But there's more...A few days later I received a call from a GALA Board member who said that secret judges were planted in the audience of the festival's more than 130 performances that week. They had four slots for choirs to participate in the closing ceremony, and they chose to invite CHARIS to fill one of those slots!

In the end, I think we should all be winners, and these sorts of adjudications are very subjective. Nonetheless, I am grateful for this invitation for what it represents more than "bringing the house down." This inviation--this moment in time--is reflection of my own personal journey as a conductor-leader. I am learning how to adapt my leadership to reflect what each group needs, to be flexible (without sacrificing who I am or my own commitment to excellence). This experience represented a milestone for me--where creating a strong community was equally balanced with creating a strong artistic product and everyone benefitted. I mean EVERYONE! The energy of this experience is palpable, and it is an honor to be in the middle of an experience like this. Ten years ago I would not have been capable of or ready for that experience.

Not only were we selected, but our sense of community support, our passion for excellence, our love for the profound messages of which we sang, and the humanity of the art all blended together in a way that made me feel like I am growing up as a conductor. Now to 30 more years!

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